About James Grant


Day by day we’re seeing government at all levels grow larger and faster than ever before. Our families, our businesses, and our communities are all left to feel the effects. There are some in leadership who believe that government can run your business, raise your children, and spend your money better than you can. That attitude could not be further from what this nation was founded on and further from everything our campaign is about.



James Grant was born in Tampa and raised on the same Carrollwood property his family has lived on for more than 75 years. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for creating technology solutions for the challenges in an ever-evolving and innovating marketplace. Those same principles are applied in his approach to governing, thereby introducing government to efficiencies that result from interoperability, while working toward his concept of Minimal Viable Government. 

James is the co-founder of a Health IT company and currently works to reduce the costs of healthcare.  He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Auburn University and a law degree from Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida.


Latest News

Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri endorses James Grant for Florida House!

James Grant's Florida House Campaign Endorsed by The Florida Chamber of Commerce

Join Team Grant on Saturday, May 12th for a Petition Walk in District 64! 

James Grant receives an "A" rating on The Foundation for Florida's Future 2018 Education Report Card


On the Issues

James Grant is a proven conservative leader who will continue to fight for our shared values in Tallahassee.


As our State Representative, James has and will continue to:

  • Cut taxes and eliminate burdensome regulations

  • Expand education options and opportunities

  • Fight to protect our Veterans and military families

  • Move Florida to the forefront of technology and innovation

  • Defend the Second Amendment 


James In Action